Monday , May 23 2022

The solar energy will be placed as the third source of electricity generation in the country


This year only 55 photovoltaic plant will start operating.

historical phenomenon will start to live in Chile, where solar energy will be placed as the third with the largest share in the Chilean electricity market.

This is the first time a Non Conventional Renewable Energy (ERNC) will be located in & # 39; such a position. In fact, this year 55 photovoltaic plant will start operating.

According to a report by La Tercera, solar energy, b & # 39; 9.4% to 7345 GWh, will be the source of the third generation in 2019. The executive director & # 39; Chilean Association & # 39; Renewable Energies (Sidewalk), Carlos FINAT, told the media that:

"It is a clear signal that the future development of the generation & # 39; electricity in Chile will be entirely from renewable sources, both because of the advantages & # 39; costs & # 39; they & # 39, the last as well as the need to reduce CO2 emissions and local pollutants.

To avoid the increase in thermoelectric generation polluting, is not only necessary to increase the installed power & # 39; renewable energy installations, but also that the system & # 39; Transmission should expand b & # 39; appropriate way ".

Similarly, according to the National Electrical Coordinator (CEN), the main source of production of electricity will continue to be coal, participation of 40.4%, followed by water plants , who will be in second place with the participation of 30.2%. .

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