Saturday , June 25 2022

The Spanish press: "This is Arturo Vidal who signed the Barça" | sports


Arturo Vidal Passing a good time in Spain. In addition to accumulating its second consecutive game as a starter in & # 39; Barcelona, The Chilean was one of the figures & # 39; his team in fear & # 39; Champions League front & # 39; PSV.

So at least it was highlighted by the Hispanic press, which simply We urge the national midfielder.

"This is Arturo Vidal who signed the Barça. He returned to show that right now is at the level required a team player. The Chilean competes like few others and give the team something to m & # 39; are: arrival. Finally found his role, similar to that & # 39; Paulinho Last year, though b & # 39; more technical. It was a miracle marks, since both auctions were taken under the sticks. Sure, Arturo del Bayern and Juve. Players can & # 39; is decisively this season, "said Marca.

For its part, Mundo Deportivo pointed out that "is the Barça player who caused the greatest danger in the first half. He finished three times and f & # 39; two of them have already passed the goalkeeper, but a defender took the ball on the goal line when the Chilean already kantah. It ġielu and infinite recovered a & # 39; balls. "

Finally, Sport argued about the krejol midfielder who "excelled at the arrival point, but also showed remarkable tone walked many meters and covers holes. It's not a football player that provides control, but knows how to play in open battles"

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