Sunday , May 28 2023

The speculation comes to Suzuki Jimny: before the great demand there is already someone who is at a higher price ibiegħha


The Jimny Suzuki is the car of the moment, a car that took us both for its off-road capabilities and for its retro design, a car that we even come to may consider as a city car in & # 39; one from our tests and we t to Toyota Land Cruiser with & # 39; his health. Its success is such that Suzuki is facing a serious supply problem worldwide and there are already those who thought to do business with, to call Suzuki Jimny b & # 39; immediate availability over that set out with prices of announced fare. for Suzuki.

F & # 39; Barcelona already Suzuki Jimny for sale, with 15 km, at a price above the original

In one of our searches usually one car portals used a saw Suzuki Jimny priced & # 39; 18 490 euro, Remaining price & # 39; tempting but that is superior to that announced by Suzuki.

And is that the model is announced Suzuki Jimny JX, The model & # 39; access to a range of & # 39; Suzuki Jimny, car b & # 39; very spartan equipment, which has a gasoline engine & # 39; & # 39 1.5 liters; and cubic capacity 102 HP and has a price of 17, 000 euros.

For 1,500 euros more waiting and already miss you & # 39; enjoy the Suzuki Jimny

Obviously're not talking about speculation that he is negotiating with & # 39; a large amount of & # 39; money, as happens in & # 39; some classics and special editions & # 39; sports supercars or hyper, but it is surprising that something like this occurs with & # 39; relatively affordable car, b & # 39; small off-road vehicle "normal" and surely someone will be willing to pay such 1,500 euro more to have the car already, without having to wait to make a reservation or manufacturing process and delivery.

During its national presentation, a few months ago, where we had our first contact with this SUV, Suzuki wissietna virtually all units in our market until the end of the Japanese fiscal year, which ends in March, sold, 370 assigned unit and the impossibility given new orders by the end of the first quarter of 2019, while in the rest of the world the trend is repeated, until year & # 39; waiting, in the words & # 39; Suzuki himself, in the local market.

The announced model is the most basic Suzuki Jimny, m & # 39; has, among many other things, either electric windows

When the flow of & # 39; units stabilize, something that apparently seems to take on the basis of the huge global demand model has, Suzuki hopes to sell 2,000 units per year in Spain.

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