Monday , June 5 2023

The Spence miners paralyze work because layoffs & # 39; more than 50 workers Economy


Expelling & # 39; 49 workers and 8 motivated supervisors Wednesday stop work at Spence copper mine.

According BioBioChile, the president of the mining company, Ronald Salcedo, said rumors early in the morning and received notice of the company, which describe the names of & # 39; those affected.

"Now, during the morning we know some names, because they were asking the office. We are here out, and avoid signing papers before to ensure, at least, the best possible output," he said.

"Based on article 184 bis of the Labor Code, relating to risks to health and safety, we decided to nissalvawha completely", he added.

Reasons given by the company

Workers seek to clarify the reasons behind the dismissal, because they do not agree with the explanation given by the mining company in its communication, under the argument & # 39; plan & # 39; optimization.

"The company had to take this decision after assessing its operational situation, its processes and its resources needed to comply with its productive activities with & # 39; secure and sustainable manner over time", said -Company.

Faced with this, Salcedo described the measure as unnecessary. "Last year there were an incredible number of & # 39; entry, the company has achieved goals were celebrated with & # 39; big fanare fan. Remove 50 or more workers move the needle in & # 39; nothing", he thought.

Finally, the head of the union said they expect to pass the hours to assess the situation with & # 39; a more complete way. At the moment does not exclude the possibility of & # 39; legal action.

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