Thursday , December 9 2021

The Supreme Court cut & # 39; against kriptokonġenzi and approve the closure of the accounts & # 39; Orionx


The decision is taken as the kriptokonċenzi "m & # 39; have a regulatory framework" can be borrowed for illicit purposes.

The Chilean Supreme Court has just referred to the appropriate icon in the closure of bank accounts to the kriptokonferenza operators. B & # 39; in particular, has issued its verdict on the conflict between BancoEstado and Orionx (see background here)

According to the decision, issued by DF, the bank's decision to close the account to Orionx not illegal or arbitrary, why the judgment of the Court & # 39; the Appeals & # 39; Santiago is repealed. Why? Everything shows removing critical:

Purchases and sales & # 39; virtual currencies and crypto like Ethereum currencies, Ripple, LITECO and Bitcoin, all consisting of computer programs, specifically algorithms, such as, declining physical manifestations and m & # 39; also have intrinsic value – one ġeneralment- to support a particular government or company, which is defined and controlled by a decentralized group & # 39; users using the Bitcoin protocol on the Internet, along with & # 39; what actually financial activities carried out with m & # 39; have a regulatory framework "

The sentence issued "until there is no recognition of regulatory activity, so in order to comply with legal regulations and those arising from the entity responsible for controlling the law, which seeks to prevent the bank and its products harnessing the purpose of carrying out of & # 39; money laundering operations or & # 39; terrorist financing, among other possible hazardous activities "

Both, by Orionx they mentioned the following thing:

Orionx regrets the negative decision of the Supreme Court published today, and does not cross the arguments on which it rests the body to take the decision to reject the appeal for protection. Orionx must clarify that this judgment does not entail the closure of the current accounts of the company. This is because there is a measure of & # 39; current precautionary determined by the Court for the Defense of Free Competition, which prevents banks from closing the aforementioned accounts.

About illicit activities taking place in the world kriptokonanzi, like fake ICOs, money laundering, Ponzi schemes, & # 39; pump and waste schemes, etc., We talked other times. Check out this note.

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