Friday , August 12 2022

The t-shirt is a gold mine bullanguera advertising


With chest available. So they in Chile University after Chevrolet, the brand tisponsorjahom today, decided not to renew the contract with the Blues for another season, so the gringos have only two games in the blue shirt.

That caught the attention of & # 39; other companies to join the t-shirt bojangera from 2019, where several brands have proposed to be part of a new alliance with the "U" for several years & # 39 ; contract.

As Adidas been waiting for negotiations & # 39; Azul Azul with different companies, because they have everything that they are willing to put into the new shirt market & # 39; the University of Chile (which will sell before Christmas), but because it has not yet reached a formal agreement, was determined to launch clothing without a sponsor. Also in February will release new production of & # 39; T-shirts, already comes with the brands of companies win the competition.

F & # 39; that sense, been negotiations with the Chinese car brand DongFeng, where even important company representatives have been visiting Mainland Deportivo Azul Center know the team facilities.

How was the progress of the relationship, that even members & # 39; Blue Blue were present in & # 39; official activity of the Asian brand, so all implied that negotiations have been going to the point closed everything.

They are 1.6 million dollars a year offered by the Chinese, an agreement for three seasons. The Oriental idea is to enter the market taking into account that in baseball & # 39; Colo Colo have competition MG, besides the Catholic University Chery keep back.

But she was not the only one with money on the dumbbell. The Brazilian & # 39; Petrobras were interested and got in a fight with & # 39; everything, which got two green sticks per season, and kept the contract & # 39; three of the Chinese, which exceeded sponsorship on the shirt.

Blue Blue said he still negotiating because there is an interested third party, but soon there will be news on the topic.

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