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"The team slept on the 2015 title laurels"


Gustavo Huerta (61) knows perfectly Cobresal. He defended him as a player in 80 years and assumed as coach in 1991, then again & # 39; back in 2004. And yes, it's back in & # 39; El Salvador. They went to seek it the last year to avoid the descent to the Second (strictly, the third category) and made. Now he fights to return to Primera f & # 39; scored its most decisive player, Ever Cantero.

He was excited after epiku attack against Wanderers.

The game was to wassletna for that, to celebrate with & # 39; everything. We have been working against great rivals and the time spent, but the outcome was not in favor. Finally we were able to drive back the result & # 39; Valparaiso and obviously this led to live with great joy what happened in the past.

In discounts, I imagine this situation?

The truth is that not. Did not work occasions, although we dominated, but lacked clarity. We were also tired. The ball stopped and thought gave us the 3-1 willing penalties. Then we saw again & # 39; other. Everything was given a few minutes and this led to a situation little.

It Cobresal team & # 39; miracles?

Do not know if miracles. That is, the cost of & # 39; Cobresal everything. I came the last year and the team was going down to Segunda, b & # 39; 6 days to go. We were able to drive back that and this year we have been in the first places throughout the year. F & # 39; few people live in El Salvador, a few people arrive at the stadium and there are several fans scattered around the country. Cobresal team is to delimit the work of the players and coaches work for everything that lives here.

Now comes Cobreloa keep dreaming …

It will be a tough match. Cobreloa is a team with tremendous history and in supportive & # 39; & # 39 highly player; experience. He also b & # 39; very own health at home, as it has many people and adds that having had no harness.

The two mining groups have the merit of being in first?

In general they ended up with table & # 39; point more than us. The merits are divided, we have been very regular and we made the first round very well. They converted & # 39; below, were not good in the first part, but then yes. The merits are for both to rise.

They had a great first bike and then they canceled. S & # 39; happened there?

F & # 39; one is getting difficult to maintain regularity in 30 dates. We had losses of & # 39; most important, like Cantero. The second stage had virtually no role and some decline their team score. I think everything ġenerajna to Cantero in the first round could not be done in the second.

How do you evaluate your work s & # 39; now?

It is difficult to talk about that, the merits are the players and also depends on the facilities that the club gives to develop a project. It is a very complicated stage; in fact, I do not know if the club would remain & # 39; alive if it was up to Second. I am involved in the recovery and tremendous campaign that we had this year.

There are several historic title Players & # 39; Cobresal. Both are important in & # 39; times like these?

Not only are the pillars. Here there are great players, many have also contributed. There basis & # 39; & # 39 by people, experienced mixed results gave youth. When I arrived the last year, I felt that the campus was sleeping on the laurels of heading 2015. They did not realize the wrong time the club was and themselves. That mix served and influence good campaign.

Criticized what happened with & # 39; Fernando Díaz. He leaves the technical Chilean b & # 39; bad way?

Leave a bad image & # 39; X & # 39; is the College of techniques. Assuming management, after seeing your technician leaves and takes me, looks ugly. One can & # 39; & # 39 x unaware, going from the interior, but it is bad that the president of the College Techniques seeking the release of the game to take in & # 39; hands. It spreads very bad about the situation.

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