Monday , June 14 2021

The three candidates for president of the ANFP approve adequacy test

After 6 pm, the mail box of three candidates to the president of the ANFP received notification from CONMEBOL. The reason? The governing body of football & # 39; American & # 39; South announced the results of the & # 39; strength test developed personally over the past week, at the Intercontinental Hotel in & # 39; Santiago.

And the evaluation was positive. Jorge Uauy, Sebastián Moreno and Harold Mayne-Nicholls passed the test without any problems. "He passed with & # 39; satisfactorily the adequacy test and is qualified to be a candidate in the next elections …", says the letter, which was signed by Commissioners CONMEBOL.

F & # 39; conversation with & # 39; La Tercera, Jorge Uauy referred to the letter received "Notification of CONMEBOL is to be expected, we have been approved by & # 39; satisfactorily all members of the list, there has never been questioned on the subject ". Sebastian Moreno, meanwhile, also showed agreement. "Our list, b & # 39; fullest, approved and expected scenario we face", said the former president & # 39; Cobresal.

Against this background, the three lists will fight the following Thursday the president Arturo Salah will leave blank. The clubs are cited in 11 & # 39; evening. If there is a second round, the elections will be held at noon.

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