Wednesday , March 22 2023

The title and has allowed having had a clear link & # 39; Iquique Sports


In a game which had to obtain a good result, to remain & # 39; deluduta entitled to empty and what was a bad year in light of the results, U played without goals against Iquique and dismissed the title.

The picture & # 39; Frank Kudelka not presented any argument sports to take victory in the National Party, b & # 39; such that b & # 39; luck had an opportunity, because it was descuelgue a turn of & # 39; Jean Beausejour defined and complicated & # 39; Francisco Arancibia.

It was a duel in which students showed very lazy, before rivals like Iquique was surprised in the initial minutes, but then took his foot & # 39; off the accelerator before the lack of hunger lay.

After meeting the poor, there have been changes in the formation Traveler Romantic, but there was no change in the level of football, which actually was the culmination of Kudelka process, which, beyond the results, showed no operating system or convincing.

LU did not show hierarchy when it was most needed, and b & # 39; those of 54 remain only in the third position, and it is doubtful whether it will qualify directly to Copa Libertadores or will attend the round & # 39 ; before. In both. Iquique earned point & # 39; value in its desire to escape descent and added 34 points in 12th place.

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