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This Monday begins the delivery Test of University Selection (PSU), one marked by severe stress among young people, so it is important that the family environment is contributing, where anxiety and -frustrazzjoni be an important aspect to consider during a conversation with them.

That is why psychologists Sarrazin and Claudia Cristina Vera, working in the Family Therapy Unit with & # 39; children and adolescents & # 39; Chilean Institute of Family Therapy (IChTF), provide recommendations, for both students and their families, and that may be important at the moment of delivery PSU.

  • It is recommended that those young days reviewing the weakest subjects and do essays to practice the way of questions.
  • Ask to keep a routine & # 39; study, but without tension or new courses, since it is better to relieve tension in & # 39; this time.
  • Talk to children (as) by making it clear that f & # 39; this test which the future is not necessarily performed, since it is always possible to restore & # 39; study and mogħtih last year.
  • most accompanied them in & # 39; this time: some parents do not want to think, but it is good for them to feel accompanied and whose family is connected to & # 39; what is living.
  • Above all, should exercise a role of & # 39; emotional containment, be there for when f & # 39; difficulty, help them relax, move the products to have a coffee, watching a movie, etc. Something that make them feel relieved and content.
  • The & # 39; previous day it is advisable to take a day & # 39; rest, play something with your family, rest, eat something rich that is not too heavy not to feel confused the next day.
  • If you submit pictures & # 39; more stress b & # 39; health, it is advisable to consult a specialist, who never mediating itself if prescribing drugs, hopefully it will start to take them days before to test the effects on person. Never m & # 39; you have to take medicine for the first time in the test day.
  • Once the test, if the man does not do well, it is important to make them think that "life does not stop if we did wrong in the PSU". The dreams do not stop, nor the idea to carry out our projects removed.

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