Friday , August 12 2022

The ultrasound is effective to detect the interstitial lung disease


Ultrasound is an effective method to identify and prevent interstitial lung disease, one of the most important complications & # 39; systemic sclerosis, said Marwin Gutiérrez Riveros f & # 39; statement.

The head of Musuloskeletriku Diseases Division of the National Institute of Rheumatic Rehabilitation "Luis Guillermo Ibarra Ibarra" of Mexico said that it is also a simple, low cost and easy for patients.

During the XXIII National Meeting of Researchers, Gutiérrez Riveros said pulmonary ultrasound, except that plays a fundamental role as a & # 39; screening tool, accessible and workable, detects this condition in the early stages, even when there is no symptoms.

The interstitial lung disease is a group & # 39; conditions that cause inflammation or scarring of the lungs. "It is the second manifestation in & # 39; patients with systemic sclerosis, but the first cause of death among them", he said.

Gutierrez Riveros explained that systemic sclerosis is characterized by process & # 39; fibrosis, inflammation and degenerative changes in & # 39; several organs, mainly the lungs, kidneys, intestines and brain.

He explained that the most affected are between 35 and 55 people, mostly women; However, in men, although it is less frequent, has a higher rate of & # 39; mortality.

Currently it is said that & # 39; reference method to detect this complication is tomography, whose use is limited in the early stages because of the high radiation, high cost and limited availability & # 39; this device in & # 39; peripheral rural medical centers.

The specialist noted that the National Rehabilitation Institute carried out the study "Diagnostic Value of & # 39; forecasts & # 39; Pulmonary ultrasound in the evaluation of interstitial lung disease in & # 39; systemic sclerosis" which earned first place & # 39; clinical research at the XXIII National Meeting of Researchers.

This research proposes to determine the validity of & # 39; this diagnostic tool in the early detection of & # 39; this condition, a common complication and morbidity and high mortality.

The expert stressed that this work aroused the interest of & # 39; several national and international medical societies, such as the Mexican College of Rheumatology and the European League of Associations of Rheumatology.

It is expected that its use can & # 39; to be standardized and validated in order to make part of studies worldwide.

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