Friday , March 24 2023

The way Android wants your mobile phone is faster and safer


Android is known for names of operating systems with & # 39; very sweet names, such Masmelow, KitKat, Donout or Oreo. They are already going in version number 9 and is called Pie (pie). They also celebrated 10 years and were renewed with the launch of & # 39; two editions, Go and One, available on some smartphones.

According to figures disclosed by the company, Android is present in & # 39; about 2 billion active device & # 39; 1300 brand, f & # 39; at least 24,000 unique product.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Senior vice president & # 39; ecosystems and platforms & # 39; Android, wrote in the official blog OS Go and One are "two programs to help people know exactly x & # 39; to expect when taking Android device".

Android, such as iOS (the operating system & # 39; iPhones and iPads), its main competitor, is updated annually. Those who buy a recent mobile phones from brands such as Asus, Motorola, LG and Samsung get one b & # 39; one of the two most recent versions of & # 39; Android, f & # 39; in this case, Oreo or Pie.

Receive update newest almost never guaranteed, there are a few mobile phones to commit to what (the Free One is one of them). For that reason, among users who use Android devices, only 21.5% are up, that have Oreo version (2017), 22.8% are Turks (2016) and 21.3% Marshmallow (2015). ).

However, "the most recent (Pie and Oreo) are not optimal for phones & # 39; entry or & # 39; a low level. The reason is that they are made with & # 39; features that best match & # 39, the highest technological performance, "says Sebastián Pérez, Systems engineer and developer for Android.

The thinking about it had developed the Go. Lockheimer explains: "This is an optimized version of & # 39; Android (Oreo or Pie) suitable for smartphones b & # 39; 1 GB of & # 39; RAM or less. B & # 39; a smaller amount of & # 39; capacity & # 39, storage and processing "

What you get is better performance of the device. The version, which was launched a year ago and recently renewed, is now available in & # 39; 120 countries and operates over 200 devices. In Colombia, for example, cell phones Alcatel 1, Moto Play E5, Nokia and Alcatel 1X 1 using Android Oreo Go.

"A fundamental part of the Go Experience is designed set & # 39; of & # 39; Google applications, which are specifically designed to meet the needs of & # 39; those smartphone for the first time. These apps include unique features, such as a free download on YouTube Go, which are found in the classic app, "he says. Sagar Kamdar, Director of product management for Android.

Karen Ruiz, Product manager & # 39; Motorola Colombia, describes Android One of the following adjectives: safe, simple and smart.

For its part, explains that Android to ensure the end-user operating system updates, innovations and updates Google & # 39; regular security, as well as design & # 39; software easy to use: intuitive and simplified.

The advantages to anyone who uses by device & # 39; One, depending on Lockheimer, are "Faster access to the Android operating system updates for two years, including the latest innovations & # 39; artificial intelligence & # 39; Google. Among the most secure devices in the ecosystem b & # 39; updates & # 39; regular safety for three years and at Google Play Protect (antivirus) built-in ".

In the country there are already some mobile phones with & # 39; Android One: the Motorola One (which was launched last month), Nokia Sirocco 8, Xiaomin Mi A2, HTC and Nokia Life 7.1 and 11.

Version for device & # 39; input and another to stay with mid-range, but guarantees security and new features such as Artificial Intelligence. The choice is not so difficult.

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