Saturday , July 24 2021

The young man who requested euthanasia of former President Bachelet and President Piñera died

On Sunday died Paula Diaz, the young woman who conducted a campaign to provide euthanasia because of a rare disease is not diagnosed and affects it and left it out of bed with bed & # 39; severe pain.

At first, Díaz asked the president Michelle Bachelet to its request through & # 39; video entitled #Justicia ParaPaula, arguing that "I m & # 39; I have no rest" and "because I can not stay & # 39; over my body ". Euthanasia, since it was not legal in Chile, was dismissed.

Then, urged by Paula & # 39; letter to the new mandate & # 39; Sebastián Piñera, but his request was rejected again.

The information about the death of the young woman was confirmed by animator Eduardo Fuentes, who stazzjona on his Twitter that "I had the opportunity encountered, talking about and I am calling in its history. It was a woman with & # 39; robust and courageous lived in & # 39; country blind determination and personal pain. We naqsnuk by Paula. I hope this change. "

In turn, the deputy Vlado Mirosevic wrote that "dismayed by unnecessary suffering to the State and the Chilean society imposed on Paula Diaz. It is compassion that causes suffering. F & # 39; his name and that of & # 39; many we will continue to fight to approve the law & # 39; #Euthanasia. "

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