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These are the & # 39; Harry Potter characters would kill J.K. Rowling


The author & # 39; Harry Potter was about to eliminate many of our favorite characters in the saga …

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Harry Potter is one of our favorite sagas, and we suffered horrific deaths by & # 39; most of our favorite characters, since most seraqu hearts altogether.

However, Rowling has come to take the life & # 39; most of the main characters in the series, check out who and why decided to repent:

1. Harry Potter:

J.K. Rowling seriously considered who was our hero, fortunately the author gave of this sad idea, because he felt it was & # 39; a great betrayal to the saga fans, coach Harry had to survive and recover life having beat Voldemort.

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2. Ron Weasley:

Rowling has promised that it will not kill any of the three main characters in the series, but in the middle & # 39; the story that the author has come to take his life like and Ron, we are not happy!

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3. Arthur Weasley:

In Order of the Phoenix, the father of the Weasley was about to die after being attacked by a snake, but Rowling Arthur had decided to stay & # 39; live for this reason: "I think the reason is ultimately never nqatlitu is because there are few parents good book. In fact, Arthur Weasley basically can only be a good father"

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4. Parents & # 39; field:

After he returned to power, Voldemort drew a bad revenge, wanted to eliminate the father of & # 39; all students & # 39; Hogwarts as it did with the father of & # 39; Harry! This is what the author said: "I wanted to echo it was & # 39; what happened with & # 39; Harry to be able to & # 39; shows the absolute evil & # 39; Voldemort"

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5. Florean Fortescue:

Remember the owner of a small shop but famous ice cream in & # 39; Dijagon Alley? The character never appears in the film, but the book is to help Harry in housework. The author had more important plans for the character, but ultimately decided to take a t & # 39; eye to its history and thus avoid death in & # 39; hands-Eat Death.

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Do you think that our hearts could overcome the death of one of these characters?

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