Wednesday , December 8 2021

They accuse Carlos Larrain to ensure that the Argentine Mapuche is: "It's so incredible ignorance"


Participation was controversial Carlos Larrain as panelista of today & # 39; National State, space & # 39; political conversation & # 39; TVN.

At the core of & # 39; discussion on the crisis that exists in the field of Araucania after the killing of & # 39; Camilo Catrillanca, the former RN senator said the Mapuche were actually "Argentine".

"The Mapuche came 40 years before Almagro to Chile, because they come from … Argentinean Pampas Argentine, now, not Argentine & # 39; Italian descent", he said.

He added that m & # 39; forgotten that in Mapuche territory a "con tarzanes gun".

The network reacted immediately. One of those who criticized the act was Senator Francisco Huenchumilla. "It's so incredible ignorance & # 39; @ tadtadonacional Carlos Larrain in. It is the ignorance of the Chilean elite to know the history and understand the social political processes", he wrote.

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