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They dismiss the professor asked to read in high school Lemebel of Independence


Following the publication of & # 39; report by El Dynamo who reported several discriminatory situations at school San Francisco de Quito de Independencia, Among them, the refusal of third grade students read book Pedro Lemebel, Opened a debate on the content shown in the classroom.

Along with & # 39; so, the controversy generated concrete effects in the municipal setting.

Since the rejection of & # 39; students read occurred "The corner is my heart.", The account & # 39; author "disgusting" b & # 39; reference to sexual orientation – a decision that was supported by the board & # 39; school and promoted by some advocates- the professor asked the branch psychiatric medical license & # 39; two, given by the Institute of Occupational Safety (IST).

The Independence school where students refused to read Pedro Lemebel

After completing that break, the teacher was transferred to finish his school year in the President & # 39; Liceo José Manuel Balmaceda in the same municipality.

Time after, On 31 December, 2018, the director of this establishment, Omar Baquedano, sent a letter of dismissal to the language teacher, t document signed by the head of the Administrative Department of Municipal Education (Daem), Claudia Carrillo.

In – office said he argued that – for reasons – removal are -. T "Duration of the period for which the contract was made (Art. 72, letter d, Learning Statute)". The professor was contracted as a contractor for 22 hours & # 39; Grant 8 Ordinary and Special Preferential Subsidy (SEP).

Along with & # 39; this letter & # 39; notification, the professor received the mayor's order giving rise to his dismissal.

Includes a one – arguments for – the expulsion – "reorganization & # 39; the – body & # 39; the – educational administration, according to. T for the performance of teachers report prepared by the director of the establishment, based on the fact that the teacher is not articulated with the institutional values ​​Educational Project (PEI) and under the Annual Development & # 39; Municipal Education (PADEM) ".

F & # 39; this document, signed by the deputy mayor, Luis Mayorga Baronti, also mentioned that the term of the contractual relationship is from 28 & # 39; February, 2019

"They telquni by the municipality as a measure of & # 39; repression against me. This was my third year in the commune of Independence and my pedagogical work has never been questioned in evaluations and was without blemish ", The teacher assures The Dynamo, Also mentions that measure it considers "unfair".

He adds that it was highly acclaimed when he arrived at the High School of Balmaceda and was speaking with other directors of schools in the municipality, which was crippled by dismissal supporter.

Consulted by this – situation, by – Municipality & # 39; Independence they contended that the withdrawal of the teacher related to the conflict of the book & # 39; Lemebel.

"The professor, who was working as a contractor (term with 28 deadline & # 39; February), expressed its decision to discontinue f & # 39; San Francisco Lyceum in & # 39; Quito. During -kontroll the availability & # 39; hours, language and communication were not available and therefore the contract was not renewed "Claudia Carrillo said.

Another disconnect Teacher

Having learned about the refusal of & # 39; the student book & # 39; Lemebel, a teacher from the group PIE (Program & # 39; Integration & # 39; Schools) decided to address the implications of the conflict to arise & # 39; at school.

The teacher said that students of the fourth & # 39; grade voiced many questions about sexuality and gay couples.

Before that, he pursued an activity which asked students to pull out & # 39; Are tolerance and freedom of expression. One of those pictures made by students was that & # 39; two men who were kissing each other.

According to their version, the Technical Unit Pedagogical (UTP) of the school dismissed the teachers (who requested reserve & # 39; name), arguing that it was a school representative and that "you can not talk about homosexuality in school ". that showed the absence of its criteria. Added, again & # 39; other, with the demands & # 39; lawyers regarding these contents, which were unsuitable for crops & # 39 students; degree.

F & # 39; this regard, he said The Dynamo that last week she was notified of her removal. "The director told me it was for performance and when asked how was my performance, he could not answer for anything technical. In fact, my coordinator of the program & # 39; integration was not even asked about my assessment. Then, faced with & # 39; this situation, I conclude that my dismissal is because of my different view, because it made it clear that this is sexist school, sexist, and also affected my fitness here ", He says.

The teacher had spent & # 39; years and five months in high school and, according to its experience, the reasons for dismissal related & # 39; criteria other than PEI. "The issue of sexuality, identity and sex is not a major issue in & # 39; this setting and not to change while there the same managers', Concludes the teacher.

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