Monday , November 29 2021

They found an unknown object and strong on Mars – Infofueguina


This element recorded by NASA Curiosity Rover received the name & # 39; Little Colonsay, The same one that has diżabitata island belongs to the archipelago & # 39; Home Hybrids.

"One of the samples are trying to look better is Little Colonsay, the planning team thinks it can & # 39; be a meteorite because it is very strong", said Dr Susanne Schwenzer f & # 39; article published on the website NASA officials dedicated to the mission. curiosity.

The expert went on to say that it is too early to draw conclusions about the origin & # 39; this item. It is necessary to chemical analysis.

"The appearances can be deceptive and the trial only by chemical analysis", he said. NASC & # 39; s Curiosity Rover hit the crop & # 39; planet in the solar system on 6 & # 39; August, 2012.

During all these years, this area decreased by & # 39; successful all of its mission tasks. Especially, discovered indications that there & # 39; & # 39 by lakes, rivers and fresh water on the red planet, as did the other findings.

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