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They have doubts about Luis Miguel

Viña del Mar has not yet signed a contract with & # 39; interpreter

SANTIAGO DE CHILE (Notimex) .- There is still uncertainty eventual execution & # 39; Luis Miguel at the International Festival of Songs & # 39; Viña del Mar, starting on 24 & # 39; in February, informed the international press.

The main difference between the production and the artist is the television transmission of the display "Sol" offers Quinta Vergara, as well as doubts about the quality of his recent recitals.

Sources & # 39; the Festival organization indicated that "hire & # 39; artists for the next edition of & # 39; Viña del Mar is still ongoing, there are already some ready to name will be known in the coming days to begin selling & # 39; tickets ".

Before the consultation if Luis Miguel is among them, the source said that "the names will be available soon, negotiating with & # 39; various artists some issues which can be complicated, as the international their performances broadcast, but this is something that does not accept Viña del Mar, the whole show is broadcast on television. "

Without mentioning the Mexican artist, they noted that "there are some negotiations are more complicated than others, taking more than others, where there are special requests from artists, but we are working to get the best performance in February."

In practice, the Festival & # 39; Viña del Mar is a television program that aired for six nights from that distant spa 120 kilometers to the northwest & # 39; Santiago, to all artists performances are broadcast in Chile and in & # 39; other countries.

According to the newspaper "La Tercera", the festival organizers & # 39; Viña del Mar "set" in negotiations with & # 39; Luis Miguel, well, having started showing "serious problems in his performances" in Mexico.

They stated that the agreement between the producer and singer "frozen and dropped" and even some of them traveled to Mexico to see the latest exhibitions & # 39; Luis Miguel to assess whether it is capable of being in the contest .

Sigh t & # 39; eye


According to Chilean newspaper, Luis Miguel Viña del Mar and reached an agreement in & # 39; September contract for & # 39; more than four million dollars and & # 39; concerts.

The confirmed

The jury will consist of music producer Humberto Gatica, Yuri, Carlos Rivera, the Santa María Constanza journalist, Sebastian Yatra, Chilean singer Camila Gallardo, the conductor Álvaro Escobar and Becky G.

In transmission

The festival will reach throughout Latin America on FOX and FOX Life channel.

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