Sunday , December 5 2021

They smartphones coming back? Sales & # 39; technological devices reduce its sales by 8% this year


When closes this year's balance of trade, sector can & # 39; extinguished & # 39; significant momentum in the volume of its sales: technological equipment.

According to estimates IDC Group, a firm that analyzes the technology market, sales & # 39; devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks will have a reduction of & # 39; 8% increase in sales. What, because if in 2017 the item has sold a total units & # 39; 11.4 million, in 2018 that figure will be reduced to 10.56 million units.

Therefore, it is projected that by the end of & # 39; December there will be around 840 000 technological units sold less than last year. The prevailing technological equipment product, the smartphone, will sell 5.7% lower than in 2017. This is because last year sold 8.44 million smartphones, and this year will not reach eight million.

The next article is & # 39; importance of an estimated 1.293 million units will be sold this year, 61,000 less than in 2017. The tablets also follow the same line: trade item sells 665,000, representing approximately 100 thousand less than last year.

"As of 2017, the local market had a behavior & # 39; contraction in most f & # 39; units", said Cristián Peña, consumer analyst IDC, adding that " sales -qċaċet decreased compared to previous years. the trend s & # 39; now was that the quarter increased by & # 39; both figures compared to the quarter & # 39; before, a phenomenon that will not happen this year. "

With regard to projections, IDC suggests that the pyramid sales, despite the blow of & # 39; after, will remain & # 39; the same: smartphone as absolute leader, followed by notebooks and tablets. Of course, note that advance smart meters in its niche, though still considered a complementary way.

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