Saturday , June 25 2022

"This is a very special day for our whole family"


Through Instagram model Daniella Campos assessed the decision of the Court of Appeals & # 39; Santiago sentenced to Mauricio Pinto Cid doctorwho authorized in 2009 the shipment & # 39; daughter born prematurely the city & # 39; La Serena.

Can & # 39; & # 39 has; Your interest: Daniella Campos became a mother this Sunday afternoon

However, the trip became a nightmare for Campos, since The girl died 11 days after receipt world due to complications associated with the condition of & # 39; his prematurity.

Can & # 39; & # 39 has; Your interest: Daniella Chavez continues to celebrate its 10 million by its most fotogenika hand on Instagram

"It is a very special day for our whole family, but especially for you my Florence, and for all children to be born in & # 39; like for your condition (…) I never forget your face, every day I feel your heart and still keep your smile registered, "said the journalist's account & # 39; Instagram.

"Thank daughter to help me not to ngħattix my arms, thanks to my family and to my husband, Unchanged from our side, thanks to my little angel ", he added after hearing the decision that ordered the doctor to pay compensation & # 39; $ 60 million.

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