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This is the real reason why Leandro Penna does not attend the Copiuhe de Oro Tell Me More


The Gold Copihue of & # 39; 2018 brought together some of the more crops of Chilean media entertainment. The event, held at the Arena Monticello, had several unexpected absent, as was the case & # 39; ex-couple reality, Leandro Penna.

Lisandra Silva made its appearance with & # 39; Raúl Peralta, the new member and his partner & # 39; Power Peralta. The followers of both began to speculate about the reason for the lack of & # 39; Penna, and came to the conclusion that it was for the Cuban model, ex-girlfriend, with whom he attended the previous version -Events.

To clarify the situation, the Argentine model published stories on Instagram, and said "Many people ask me why I do not mmurx the copihues, and it is because my girlfriend is working and I will not be alone, so I had to do campaign afternoon and now we will be going to San Pedro de Atacama, to spending a spectacular weekend . "

After his explanation, the Trasandino took the opportunity to share a very romantic photo with his current partner, showing his weekend in North & # 39; Chile.

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