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Tips for preventing bronkiolitite


The Spanish Society & # 39; Pnewmoloġija and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) issued a statement tips for preventing bronkijolitika, Respiratory infection that affects the bronchi and bronkijoli and shows the peak in autumn and early winter, especially between October and January.

Bronchiolitis is an infection caused by respiratory viruses. Usually, these viruses produce only windy, but in infant, who developed bad defenses, the virus can & # 39; go and also affect the lungs. According to Dr. Antonio Moreno, Department coordinator of the Pediatric Pulmonoloġija of & # 39; SEPAR, "half of babies with & # 39; monokolite will bronchial tubes are more sensitive to new respiratory virus and will have more recurrent bronchitis in the first years of life ".

F & # 39; some of the cases remain bronkiolitite & # 39; in & # 39; mild condition that can & # 39; be treated at home, the general measures indicated by the pediatrician aspirar such as the mucus and food division. But in & # 39; in other cases it is necessary to put the baby in the hospital to get oxygen, and even in the ICU (Unit Intensive Care), where the child can & # 39; further aid to take breathe.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, the frequency of hospital admissions in Spain is from 1 to 3,5% in children under 2 years. However, the risk of entering the hospital during the first year of life is 4 or 6 times higher than between one and two years.

The months in which bronkijite seen most frequently are those from October to January, at which the top epidemic of & # 39; baby b & # 39; monokolite, which could lead to the collapse of & # 39; pediatric hospitals and pediatric emergencies.

Tips for preventing bronkiolitite

Thus, by SEPAR give these tips to help prevent the spread of bronkijolite:

  1. Delay possible & # 39; is the beginning of daycare, especially in the months of autumn and winter.
  2. Do babies to the care centers if they windy day.
  3. Avoid smoking inside the house and in the car, because tobacco causes the respiratory tract remains & # 39; in the environment for a long time.
  4. extreme home care and prevention & # 39; people who have cold (adults or children) to visit babies, Especially during the first months of life because they have developed defenses and especially in the period from October to January.
    * The brothers also m & # 39; have come close to the child if they have a cold and, in so doing, should wash their hands first. "
  5. Wash items touched by baby b & # 39; soap and water, especially if someone has touched them.
  6. Keep in & # 39; mind that kissing can & # 39; also transmit respiratory viruses.
  7. If necessary or if the person has a cold is the father or mother:
  • You should wash your hands before and even put on a mask. B & # 39; in general, it is advisable always wash your hands before touching the baby or get.
  • Use a disposable tissue, wash your hands after use and discard them.
  • Cough another way and in doing so cover your mouth with your arm.

All these preventive measures should be applied both at home and in the care center.

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