Saturday , December 4 2021

Tonka Tomicic responded after receipt reviews with photo with her husband Society


No longer silent. tonka Tomicic she responded to users who criticized gathered after photo with her husband, Marco Antonio López, better known as Parived the account & # 39; his Instagram.

In a conversation with & # 39; Lun, the cheerleader of & # 39; "Welcome" mentioned The comments & # 39; acid received it the look that it appeared in the image.

"Tonka visits the home of & # 39; nurses, '' Solis is half beaten, '' the blind and the Beast," were some of the cooking, and the model was able to respond.

"Hey, I laugh at the comments because you say"Now, girls, show your men now. Definitely have hahaha of cigars & # 39; Brad Pitt", Threw the driver.

It should be noted that Tomicic It published images of the backstage of & # 39; Telethon at the National Stadium at the weekend, which seemed to & # 39; Parived.

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