Wednesday , May 25 2022

Total surprise: Chile grows 3.1% in & # 39; November to consolidate GDP & # 39; 4% until 2018


The Central Bank explained that the mining activity increased by & # 39; 5.5%, while non-mining activity increased by 2.7%.

was a pleasant surprise this morning by the Central Bank. And is that the issuing body has known the Imacec corresponding to November, which reached 3.1%, Much more than the 2% expected by analysts consulted by Bloomberg.

Under – Central statement, the – The seasonally adjusted series increased 1.2% compared to the previous month and grew 3.3% in twelve months.

He also explained that The mining activity increased by & # 39; 5.5%, While mining rose 2.7%.

"Dan & # 39; the latter was favored by the performance of services, the effect was partially offset by the fall & # 39; the manufacturing industry," he said.

The seasonally adjusted series, meanwhile, showed an increase of 0.4% in the 10 mining component, while the rest of the advanced economy

With the previous month date of the end of 2018, accumulated the previous year showing payment of 4.1%, Whereby the least optimistic forecast that the economy does not reach 4% – former settlements at 3.9% after poor trade figures surrendered the INE on Friday – appears to have been rejected.

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