Tuesday , July 27 2021

TVN announce the new reality of reality TV: "Sad, it's time to say enough" | And TV Shows

Sad, it's time to say enough, What is the name of the new program & # 39; & # 39 with TV, reality announced in Huaso National Television Festival & # 39; Olmué, production will play Lucia López and Marcelo Arismendi as conductors.

In space, the co-production of FABULA, Lucia and Marcelo will accompany different people claiming to be victims of & # 39; some type & # 39; harassment Chile: among others, the work, the iċċiberkrar, roads and sex.

Both will carry out thorough investigations and will provide the best conditions for these people to face their istalkers.

For the executive producer of the Telerrealidad area, Mariana Hidalgo, this "intense and impressive work. It is impossible to remain indifferent before the situations that we recognize. If this content on Benchmarking is why, precisely, one of the ways and means to stop the harassment is making it visible. If you do not use it, like it does not exist, as if it were something & # 39; very far. And certainly not like that. "

He added that "it is closer than we think, often happens in mind. They are stories that undoubtedly susceptible, to unexpected turns, but that will help also as a society to be placing on the table what we need to adjust, change or x & # 39; we know when facing situation & # 39; this nature ".

By & # 39; stories & # 39; Sad, it's time to say enough viewers will watch cases investigated for months, during 2018 and in & # 39; different regions of the country. Those who participate by speaking their stories did so with their faces uncovered to prevent other people experiencing the same thing and as a society to stop these types of & # 39; abuses.

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