Saturday , December 4 2021

Twitter will be broadcast live The Game Awards


This 6 & # 39; December will be the ceremony of & # 39; Pending the Games Awards to celebrate the best titles that have emerged during this 2018. The event produced by Geoff Keighley will also be marked with notices & # 39; new titles.

Awarded by Twitter plans to cover all angles of the event to the computer games fans can follow and comment on at the same time x & # 39; is happening.

as announced For the third consecutive year, the ceremony will be broadcast live on Twitter, For this, the pre-show will be broadcast, starting at 7: 30 p.m. CT (9:30 p.m.), and then the main event will take place for two hours.

This event they can follow through and to all @thegameawards & # 39; It will be accompanied by a timetable centered on what happens in the show.

Added & # 39; it The game will have special prizes emoji on Twitter using the hashtag #TheGameAwards, In which the symbol of the event.

Finally, by Twitter, will vote, and allow users to vote by & # 39; direct messages. "Upon entering the program, they can choose the favorite candidates when voting, all the direct messages & # 39; user on Twitter ' item from the social network.

On the occasion Users will be able to vote in the first #TwitterGamingAward, To celebrate those moments in the world of video games that characterized the social network in 2018.

The nominees are:

  • Cloud9 win the Major #ELEAGUE
  • The announcement epiku & # 39; # NintendoE3
  • The portrait mode & # 39; # SpiderManPS4
  • Launch & # 39; # BlackOps4

The winner will be announced during the pre-viewing of the event and the winner receives a trophy, as well as special emoji on the social network.

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