Friday , August 12 2022

Two coffee components can help, when combined, to combat Parkinson & # 39; s


Scientists from the University & # 39; Rutgers, New Jersey, recently published a study that adds to the list of reasons why it good idea to enjoy a cup of coffee morning.

According to its results, can & # 39; serving coffee component related to caffeine fight against Parkinson's and dementia of Lewy bodies, Two neurodegenerative diseases currently not care. The study, published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that the combination of the two components can & # 39; become therapeutic option against neuronal degeneration.

Beyond caffeine

The most important thing in & # 39; this study is to go beyond caffeine. The coffee consumption is associated with & # 39; lower risk of suffering from Parkinson & # 39; s, and although the chemical is traditionally one receiving the most attention, the truth is that coffee contains one hundred components whose properties can be interesting.

In previous studies, these same scientists looked at Fatty acid derived from serotonin, called EHT and located in the wax coating & # 39; the coffee beans, and had discovered that the EHT is able to protect mice from brain accumulation & # 39; Protein features both Parkinson's and dementia of Lewy bodies.

F & # 39; this occasion, the team asked for his request The EHT and caffeine can act together for greater protection of mind. They gave small doses of & # 39; EHT and caffeine separately or together, noting that each of them alone was not effective, but by managing them together has strengthened the effect of & # 39; catalyst to prevent the accumulation of & # 39; protein in the brain.

Further research to fix doses

This suggests that linking caffeine to & # 39; the combination is capable of EHT stop or at least reduce the progression of & # 39; this disease, Something that is very useful because now treatments for attention & # 39; Parkinson on the treatment of their symptoms, but are not effective in protecting the brain or in the establishment of disease.

However, scientists recognize that there needs & # 39; a lot of research to ensure the mechanism by which this occurs protection and Both of these compounds are required to get the desired effect on people. The calculation must be accurate to avoid excess & # 39; caffeine can & # 39; have other types of & # 39; & # 39 effects; damage.

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