Sunday , December 5 2021

U. Pacífico follow the steps & # 39; Iberoamerica and Arcis: Mineduc of up Monday for the institution to submit a plan & # 39; closing


The financial and administrative situation & # 39; the Universidad del Pacífico reached its critical point. This was announced by Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillo, said in & # 39; radio interview that "it shares the anger, the frustration and the anger of all affected community."

The secretary of & # 39; state informed that the crisis & # 39; the setting is total. "We ngħatawha until Monday so that the university itself is proposing a plan & # 39; end solution for students affected", said the minister in & # 39; & # 39 conversation with; Radio Universo.

Cubillos said that the possibility of & # 39; administrative intervention in Pacific University is also being considered. "We as a ministry investigation started even before we had a formal complaint about what was happening, what is the only way the ministry can & # 39; bring charges and appoint an administrator"

If the closure of Pacific University is completed, the campus will be added to the blacklist of centers & # 39; higher education closed in recent times. The Universidad Iberoamericana and the University Arcis remaining internal crisis forced to terminate their educational projects.

The university enrollment has been decreasing in & # 39; in recent years, which could not get accreditation. In 2014 it had about 5 thousand students, while by 2018 its students do not exceed 2,600.

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