Sunday , December 5 2021

Uber wants to buy or Lime Bird, rent electric scooters



Uber It is known that launched in the market as alternative to taxi; but it & # 39; Uber Eats, for example, also offer alternative service to Deliveroo and its like. And now, the company known seems to consider buying & # 39; company dedicated to him Rental & # 39; electric scooters. According to the information on which we depend, Uber is studying the acquisition of & # 39; Birds or Lime, Both operating in & # 39; & # 39 in our country and, most other markets as a leader in the sector.

Uber looking to expand even more in – "A growing market for the service & # 39; electric scooter", As indicated in & # 39; this report. And the options the company dedicated to evaluating VTC by the acquisition & # 39; of these two companies. In fact, they say it is possible to conclude negotiations before the end of the year. Currently Uber did not take a decision on exactly what path it will take, but it is clear that – acquisition one of these two companies I help them to face – limitations – Supply & # 39; electric scooters. Problem had already faced in recent months.

The Lime and the Birds are in & # 39; perfect situation for buying & # 39; Uber, and are hiring leaders & # 39; electric scooters

F & # 39; these moments, both Lime as Birds are under constant pressure to collection & # 39; funds. Uber already has a minority stake in Lime, and the relationship between the two companies is closer than with & # 39; Bird. This – summer, Rachel Holt, Director – New Mobility at & # 39; Uber, already commented that – "The investment and partnership with Lime is another (for Uber) to find only option for all transport needs". That is, since the summer announced interest & # 39; Uber to enter the sector altogether.

F & # 39; these moments, Bird is estimated at approximately 2,000 million a & # 39; dollars, while lime has its most recent assessment in 1,100 million a & # 39; dollars. With regard to this information, the company assured Bird "Not for sale", But this statement can & # 39; to be more oriented to strengthen their negotiations. As Uber and Lime, however, did not speak about it.

written by Carlos González

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