Saturday , February 4 2023

Vidal plays "mysterious box" f & # 39; Barcelona talked about the career and his personal life Sports


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Despite that also plays as expected, f & # 39; Barcelona they get the juice Arturo Vidal. In addition to the training, participated in Vidal now & # 39; one of the classic activities that the club makes to its stars.

Aiming to bring the fans closer to the team, which participated in the Chilean midfielder "The mysterious box", Where he wins some items that were in the box just a mess.

Vidal left somewhat uncertain challenge, because he did not know x & # 39; is found. It is not very different from to see the field of play, the "King" began the challenge by explaining the origin of his nickname.

Then, b & # 39; more confidence, talked about – in his past – Juventus and Bayern Münich, Except – The sports challenges and personal tastes.

The full activity on which the Chilean was protganista, on the official website & # 39; Barcelona.

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