Sunday , June 26 2022

VIDEO | Argandoña destroy departure & # 39; Amparo Noguera by TVN and sang reminds him when to get Paty Maldonado from Mega


In Welcome are unwilling to stay out of the news and commented on the website Any departure & # 39; Diana Bolocco station, before the possibility of & # 39; challenge of the new job.

It was in the middle of a conversation when Raquel Argandoña took the word and wanted to also refer to other news that shook the television industry: departure of & # 39; Amparo Noguera by TVN, After 24 years.

However, the panelist from Channel 13 morning only mentioned it to send a message to the actress a few months ago, at an event at the Museum of Memory, requesting the issue of & # 39; Patricia Maldonado de Mega as a result of the dispute with star & # 39; the players & # 39; that channel.

"No to Paty Maldonado f & # 39; Megavision. Yes to Alejandro Goic", They said then to & # 39; Aline Kuppenheim.

Argandoña not held anything against the actress and launched: "Yesterday we heard about departure & # 39; Amparo Noguera by TVN, and I want to say something. Amparo Noguera sang to expel Patricia Maldonado. Know that you do not want anyone else laugh or wrong? As was her farewell"

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