Sunday , June 26 2022

[VIDEO] END OF WOMEN MAKING after the alleged assault of & # 39; security in the supermarket & # 39; Temuco


confused incident happened in & # 39; local place Supermarket Santa Isabel in & # 39; Temuco ended with & # 39; woman bleeding on the floor and without some of its teeth allegedly assaulted by security guard post.

F & # 39; Video published in Facebook by a witness, the person affected appears on the floor of the building at wound in her mouth and criticizes the building guards laqtuha b & # 39; shared goal.

According to the publication, the woman was charged with & # 39; burglar inside the building, which was intercepted by the security officer. For cases that are investigated, the official closing was helping him on his face.

"The guard was caught, struck this woman with bat pursuing face by breaking three snienha, is pregnant, which it was stealing and what to watch video see leagues that lacked Please, share to help this woman ", says the woman who caught the incident.

F & # 39; half the situation & # 39; tension, the supermarket workers who attended the woman recognized the aggression and affirm that one becomes respective "Report to Carabineros".

From the official account & # 39; supermarket Twitter reported that the situation confusing "Commenced an internal investigation and, b & # 39; parallel, the corresponding protocols have been activated to enhance the way to bring our guards".

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