Sunday , June 11 2023

[VIDEO] I have never seen before: They shoot at space launch


The German astronaut of ESA (European Space Agency), Alexander Gerst, Recorded the exact moment & # 39; the launch of & # 39; rocket, where its output is appreciated from orbit, space, something never before.

Through its Twitte account, published Gerst "this is real", Since when watching the video, can & # 39; easily confused with & # 39; video game.

The – original registration, which was published by – ESA last about 15 minutes, but was edited to see off in & # 39; minute and a half.

The ship was flying 18 800 kilometers per hour, Worldwide and 18 & # 39; November, landed in the International Space Station.

the – Rocket "Soyuz"I was transporting The MS-10 space vehicle Progress, That carries oxygen, fuel, supply of water and food for astronauts.


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