Saturday , December 4 2021

VIDEO | The question & # 39; Mosciatti to Piñera having said that he jiekolx breakfast because Cecilia Morel was not at home


the – President Sebastián Piñera He came in BIO Radio to talk about various issues & # 39; contingency, including contentious founded by Carabineros after viralizzazzjoni of & # 39; video & # 39; one accused of the death of & # 39; Catrillanca Camilo, who said they were forced to give false statements

But before dealing with this and other topics, There was a very particular moment in the beginning of & # 39; interview when drivers, Tomás Mosciatti, Néstor Aburto and Catherine Cubillos presented the President.

was there when Sebastián Piñera wanted to thank with milk a cup of coffee has been delivered, since he has left his home fasting because Cecilia Morel is on tour.

"I appreciate this cup of coffee with milk because I'm alone in my home so going across fasting. My wife is on a Christmas tour she leads and leads, and she passes through many towns and cities in Chile, "she said.

Although Cubillos wanted to start the interview, Mosciatti tinterrompiha to consult the President: "If your spouse does not, does not give her coffee", which the head of & # 39; state replied "no".

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