Sunday , June 11 2023

"Viva Chile And The CTM": wave & # 39; criticism of Congress for Florcita Alarcon greetings of its New Year


It was only hours after he was welcomed & # 39; the year 2019 when the deputy Florcita Alarcon wanted to greet all his followers through his Twitter account, but was asked by the use of & # 39; some espletivi it.

"Congratulations to all culiaos and culjas jajajajajajaja YEAR HAPPY CTM CTM (SIC)", published parliamentary Frente Amplio. But surely he does not expect the reaction of his followers, who kkritikawlu, and fakkarlu in his position as "honorable".

Given & # 39; so, Motuda had to issue for comment, but the only thing that was made to the fire with benzene.

"Do some angry culiao and no culiaaaa because it is S NEW YEAR, jajajajajajajajajaja Chile live and CTM CTM (sic)," he wrote.

Hours later, he ended regrets it all: "DE UNA Corazon Forgiveness … I nbati a diagnosed mental illness … called" tropism FOR NOTORJETAZA "…" TALNO "… worse than" TOC "and causing many problems that are chuchas Nimmissjaha shame … but it gave me later when brigido read it … (sic) ".

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