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From the Ministry of Health justified the increase in cases of & # 39; HIV arguing that during the last time greater application & # 39; a & # 39; screening tests. However, various actors linked to the question argue that the problem is that in Chile, the various governments could not take care of the problem, whose main thought is the & # 39; misleading prevention and inefficient campaigns .

Wednesday, 5 & # 39; December 2018 18:32 hrs.

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Faced with the growing number of & # 39; diagnosis of HIV HIV / AIDS in & # 39; country, the Health Minister, Emilio Santelices, stated that the increase was predictable because the application & # 39; new tests. Moreover, it assures that the increase in the figure for next year x & # 39; likely.

However, beyond confirming & # 39; & # 39 cases through; medical examinations, the reality is that in & # 39; country there are about 70 thousand people infected with HIV, a figure put in & # 39; campaigning discussion & # 39; prevention and public policies implemented over the past years.

Víctor Hugo Robles, gay activist, indicated that, in community history & # 39; HIV in Chile, there has never been a direct and daring campaign for virus prevention and sexually transmitted diseases, but always influenced by prejudices, political and religious influences and pressures.

Robles commented that he could & # 39; studying written records to realize that in the first campaign after the return to democracy, the time bishop sent letters to President Aylwin to ask him not to speak about the condom. After his return, the president replied that need not worry because the condom would not be included.

"When political authority issues and overcome before the petitions and the obligations imposed by the Catholic Church, it is impossible to conduct campaigns & # 39; prevention, and that action is responsible, as others made by other governments of Concertación, the New majority, a & # 39; to direct, courageous, that does not free campaign of any kind & # 39; pressure and talking with & # 39; openly about sex education, "he said.

Moreover, the activist known as Che de los Gays explained that the main mistake is to think that the campaign will solve the problem and deliver sex education, when in the only true thing you can & # 39; achieved is to generate voice & # 39; alert, voice can not be achieved. if this campaign is made only once a year.

"Here there should be a formal sex education throughout the public apparatus, in all formal education, there should be sex education, education, prevention, safe sex in all schools starting in the gardens."


Chile is estimated that 70,000 people live with the virus, and 40 are already identified in the health system

Robles added that it is necessary to declare a health emergency in relation to HIV, because it will allow more resources and generate the state & # 39; warning is needed in society, it is not possible for a country is projected to face the figures today has For the activist, is also very important that the media join in their prevention campaigns against the virus.

On the other hand, Juan Pablo Sutherland, academic Gender Master of the Social Sciences Faculty of the University & # 39; Chile agrees with the vision & # 39; Robles, and refers to that beyond the campaigns themselves as content, they are a reflection of & # 39; public policy was deficient and did not comply with & # 39; what was offered: the prevention and control of HIV.

"What the public alert (campaign) should be accompanied by service and support, f & # 39; that sense I think there is a political responsibility that accompanies the technical teams that have existed for a long time to work in AIDS prevention , but its measures were difficulties with conservative religious powers, political parties even made Canal 13 and Mega, f & # 39; time, not shown campaigns, ie, an institutional accountability to reach the situation where we ", explained.

The academic pointed out that the experience of his work he could & # 39; see how the campaigns have always been subject to political approval, which generated many conflicts, because they justify why the condom should be used and promoted "many often political instructions they ipprevjenew more progress than real prospects where there was a diagnosis, where there were studies, and there is a big responsibility, ie, nor is there a study on sexual behavior. "

The writer also said that progress should be made in & # 39; more substantive measures, for example, to the State assumes the importance of implementing sex education and population have the perception that HIV is epidemic adapts to forms & # 39; sexual behaviors. Furthermore, it is understood that & # 39; affect all of the population and not just those who are most vulnerable.

"Everything you are today has burst out & # 39; & # 39 intersects with, situations that have not been addressed before and with unfulfilled promises", he said.

Dr. Alejandro AFAN, Director of the Hospital of the HIV Center Clinical of Chile University, indicated that although there was work on policies to increase diagnosis, the application was not so significant to justify the increase by Atari 39; that reason, to get & # 39; it is increasing the lack of & # 39; awesome perception & # 39; youth, use fewer protective measures for safe sex, a & # 39; inefficient prevention campaigns and the lack of & # 39; sex education.

"The past campaigns, it is evident that did not work, but we do not we talk about it today. They have not been used for many reasons and you have apprenticeship & # 39; what. First because they were campaigns that lasted just obsolete, outdated, did not identify young and had no impact ", explained AFAN.

Regarding the preparation and reception of & # 39; campaigning, the doctor said that society is much more prepared to face the issue compared to & # 39; years ago: "The issue is not the society, the issue is people who manage the public policies that meet society, and education is fundamental, sex education to be followed between the ministry of Health and Education to enable & # 39; structuring the early stages of life ".

"This should go beyond political spheres, all religious and ideological, because it is a matter of & # 39; public health, medical and m & # 39; should be to sway the government of the day. We have robust policies public health to respond and that is not an issue in the future and controlling ", he concluded.

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