Wednesday , May 25 2022

"Who will call a rape?"


During the last time the singer Chilean singer Tito Fernández He faced a difficult situation because there are complaints against an alleged sexual abuse and rape.

To talk about this topic, was invited to the "CADA DIA MEJOR" program on the channel & # 39; and La Red in an interview with & # 39; Alfredo Lamadri,. artist of his version of the accusations that three women were in their classrooms at the Center for Studies Metafiżiċi2010.

In the beginning the "Temucano" made a mea culpa of & # 39; what happened: "After putting human thing, personal, f & # 39; something that m & # 39; to get & # 39; shared anything ( …) This is a very silly mistake I did and pay are the heart. "

But what he wanted Lamadrid, like all spectators, was to know if the defendant was indeed guilty. Before the artist responded to the following:

"Firstly, I'm not a rapist, I did not, I am not, nor ever will be. Please, emminni! I'm going through a very bad time, but you know I'm good. I m & # 39; I did nothing … well, nothing. "

But the accusations, true or not, were very jiswewh in life & # 39; his day, because the man & # 39; 76-year-old says he was "unemployed, not ċempillini nowhere, they sejħux me. Who will call rape? (…) likwidawni, to remove the stigma of & # 39; rape? "He assured.

At the end of the interview, Fernandez thanked the platform provided by the channel and said that his plans for the future remain uncertain: people now do not know if niġix sing again, I think so … and I fight for what I want, "he concluded.

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