Friday , December 3 2021

Without equipment and f & # 39; new office: the return of & # 39; Dorothy Pérez to Controller


"I am fine, I will not give statements, I work, thank you very much"

At 08: 05 this morning, smiling and b & # 39; red bag with hearts which was carrying a gift, the subcontractor Dorothy Pérez He returned to his duties, after restarting & # 39; was inserted after the Supreme Court decision, after a long conflict with & # 39; the highest body, Jorge Bermudez, who rejected it for "loss of & # 39; confidence."

Return is a complex containing several consequences Pérez. Early morning, The opinion of body cut from a subcontractor was published in the Official Gazette, And refused primarily for his work as a judge accounts.

His return to the Controller's Office resulted in & # 39; practical changes: The offices & # 39; & # 39 m Dorothy Perez, still in place 9 the Teatinos building, in which the personal office counter controller and his office, but was moved to one in the seventh & # 39; floor – bigger and b & # 39; private bathroom – where the office is located court of accounts. It's the same space occupied by Patricia Arriagada when she subcontractor & # 39; Ramiro Mendoza.

The most notorious, moreover, is reducing his team. Before removing, part of the people who were part of the group & # 39; Pérez were transferred – such as graphic Services and the Department of Communication -, because those "loss & # 39; confidence" which the controller stated, counselor – acts as chief of staff – Carlos Aravena, and his personal secretary, Sandra Blondel.

Today it only has in its team, As the head of its staff was transferred to the Second Regional Metropolitan counteract. Maintaining his secretary was agreement & # 39; Bermúdez, set up morning after Pérez arrived at the building, f & # 39; short meeting lasting no more than ten minutes, say to the Comptroller.

At the meeting, held on the 9th floor, Bermudez gave him instructions on the renewed position and its publication in the Official Gazette this morning, in addition to the change of office.

Summary internal

Situation & # 39; Dorothy Perez is also complex in & # 39; & # 39 terms; internal summary in the institution, which is part along with & # 39; 21 officials and former officials, to investigate & # 39; fraud within Carabineros.

Such statement & # 39; fees for participation to enter the chain & # 39; decisions and events that ended with the cancellation of & # 39; key summary can & # 39; warns of fraud in 2010, according to information also handled by prosecutor Eugenio Campos.

The paradox is that one of the consequences can & # 39; to dismissal; However, the Supreme Court ratified the payment of & # 39; Perez as "real", leaving the end of & # 39; that episode in & # 39; suspens.

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