Saturday , December 4 2021

Wom Attacks b & # 39; & # 39 in provocative video, half discussion & # 39; spectrum


B & # 39; a reference to the character & # 39; Quico the popular series "El Chavo del Ocho", the operator accuses the dominant companies to prevent the opening of the mobile phone market.

"Wom done again." The company called the prosecution of the spectrum of the return process "unacceptable"After Entel, Claro and Telefonica lodged a complaint before the Tribunal for the Free Competition Defense (TDLC), who raised the request to the Supreme Court to review the judgment issued in & # 39; mid-year.

Apart from the fact rejected, the operator launched a new campaign with spots of satire. Y he returned & # 39; resorted to video, but as explained in the company, the idea is "to explain to Ċiljani the importance of the fight for better quality and more competition in the telecommunications market".

The video shows judicial process and is personalized by three "Quicos", representing the dominant companies, who do not want to share the spectrum possess, while judge compels Clavistel (f & # 39; relationship & # 39; Entel ) to give all consumers for profit.

The CMO Wom, Sebastián Precht, explained that "as a company we are committed to all consumers in the country, whether they are customers & # 39; Wom." The spectrum belongs to everyone and therefore it seems inconceivable that spectrum refuse compliance. a & # 39; judgment of the Supreme Court, which also calls for the review of & # 39; position ".

The executive assured that the company's strategy is to ensure the efficient allocation and use of spectrum to allow access to the best technology on the way to the 5G. For this reason, Precht states that 'it is essential that this information be shared with the people and understand the nature & # 39; what is being discussed in & # 39; in this case and as such decisions are affecting competition and the digital development of the country. ask what is fair ".

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