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Woman gives birth to the first baby b & # 39; erru trasplantat a corpse – Health and Welfare


Woman gives birth to the first baby b & # 39; errus trasplantat from corpse

The woman was passing by different and intense medical procedures to get pregnant.



Many women are born without a uterus because of hereditary diseases. As was the case woman 32 years in Brazil, which became the first baby with birth & # 39; her health by transplanted uterus from a cadaver in 2016.

The woman had intact ovaries and generally produced her eggs, but she was born without a uterus. However, the elderly people who were so Mom it has undergone operation & # 39; ten hours, where doctors Managed to transpose the uterus & # 39; wife (45) who died due to stroke.

After a long surgery and ingestion & # 39; & # 39 high doses; immunosuppressant to avoid rejection & # 39; uterus in your body. Gone are seven & # 39; months and – Doctors proceeded to introduce one of their fertilized eggs before.

subsequently, the woman gave birth to a girl by cesarean & # 39; robust and doctors proceeded to remove the transplanted uterus so it can & # 39; stop the medication.

Details & # 39; this transplant & # 39; success made in 2016, only demonstrated Tuesday in magazine "The Lancet".

It should be noted that Currently 10 transplants have been developed with & # 39; deceased donors and all failed. However, this event is carried out by a Hospital medical equipment Clinics of & # 39; Sao Paulo, Considered that the acquisition had the operation will facilitate "widespread adoption", therefore more women have the possibility to choose this type of & # 39; transplantation.


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