Thursday , December 9 2021

World Enigma after the disappearance of & # 39; "Chinese Frankenstein" Where is the creator of & # 39; "Super baby"?


A few days ago x-Chinese scientist Jiankui He rose & # 39; to worldwide fame after two babies genetically modified, for instance were immune to HIV.

The fact appeared in the pages & # 39; front of newspapers around the world and from that moment that man is making headlines in the international press. However, his name now returns to emphasize, but another situation: mysteriously disappeared.

According to the South China Morning Post, no one knows where x-scientist, which is marked as "Frankenstein Chinese".

"F & # 39; this moment there is no accurate information, we can not answer any questions about this current issue, but if we have any information that will nipprovduha through official channels", said a spokesman for the University of south of Science and Technology. Province & # 39; Shenzhen.

S & # 39; now, several theories emerged about what happened to Jiankui: since he was arrested by the government (something the university rejected), until he was under house arrest.

The only thing that is known is that the Chinese regime has not taken the creation of & # 39; the so-called "super baby". F & # 39; this sense, the Deputy Minister for Science and Xu Technology Nanping found that the scientist "crossed morality limits and ethics of the scientific community adheres to them and was scandalous and unacceptable ".

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