The campaign & # 39; & # 39 advertising; Wreck-It Ralph It is very interesting, because the charismatic character making cameos in & # 39; several places. His last appearance was reported Fortnite, One of the most popular computer games today. Many players are sharing a sighting videos and there seems to be a simple procedure to enjoy.

To see the cameo of & # 39; Ralph is necessary to go to Risky reel, the place where the drive-in. The next thing will be to see the screen until the character appears. While m & # 39; there is just time to realize, the user & # 39; LootLakeBR mention that Twitter it was necessary to wait about five minutes. You & # 39; viewed below:

The cameo is very simple but it took everyone by & # 39; surprise. Epic Games does not anticipate any event related with the film and now request a very pleasant character. It is not the first time that the studio collaborates with & # 39; Disney. A few months ago Thanos became a character & # 39; Fortnite and users can take control of their powers.

Unfortunately, the event was & # 39; limited time and not everyone can & # 39; take advantage of Titan crazy. Taking into account the good relationship between the two companies, could not exclude that you see Ralph as a playable character in the coming weeks. WiFi Ralph foreign yesterday at & # 39; various regions of the world.

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