Thursday , December 9 2021

You & # 39; judgment of the Supreme Court to close the bank accounts of kriptokonferenza operators? The fight with the banks continue


Orionx, Chilean platform transfer kriptokonġenzi, suffered severe distress after the Supreme Court overturned the judgment of the Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal filed in the protection & # 39; March. B & # 39; this way, he claimed that BancoEstado closed his account to avoid possible risks, including, possible money laundering, given that that activity is regulated.

"Not seeing b & # 39; mind the judgment of the Supreme Court because the Court of Appeals, unanimously, has given us the reason. And we do not share the reasons had to revoke that decision, especially for -allegati effects that the lack of & # 39; & # 39 regulation, this activity would have ", affirmed Pablo Tromben Pulse jet lawyer, partner study Tromben Abogados, representing the Orionx.

The lawyer also warned that the country's highest court can & # 39; leave the banks with the option to close accounts or cancel contracts, unilaterally, whenever they want.

Despite the previous thing, Tromben assured that "this does not influence anything in the operation & # 39; Orionx because the accounts are opened as a result of & # 39; & # 39 measure; precaution issued by the Court of Defense of Free Competition (TDLC), in the framework of the dispute to continue against the banks ".

Along with & # 39; this, he claimed that the Supreme Court ruling m & # 39; has an effect on that measure & # 39; precaution, BancoEstado therefore could not close the account.

The lawyer Mario Bravo, partner at & # 39; Studio Bravo, defended Buda and to Cryptomarket in their case against the bank before the TDLC.

"The decision is without prejudice to the other rights of the trading platforms the crypto munitions. And, among them, a request we put forward in the TDLC. Therefore, the decision not & # 39; has no effect on the measure & # 39; precaution issued by tribal restore & # 39; kriptokonġenzi open the accounts, "said Bravo.

The focus is on the TDLC

F & # 39; this scenario, the two lawyers agreed, the focus of attention was focused on what happens in the TDLC. F & # 39; that court, the three firms to negotiate this kind of & # 39; assets through their platforms accused 10 banks that undermine free competition and abuse their position & # 39; Collective ownership after closing their respective accounts.

Currently, the TDLC is define & # 39; ll be the device & # 39; trial, after the parties submit proposals and on their observations, so it is expected that the period & # 39 ; trial begins in the coming weeks.

"When opening period & # 39; trial, we will ask that all economic authorities linked the issue to be prosecuted, among them, the KKF, the Treasury, the UAF, the SBIF, including to be able to pronounce on this matter. Bravo

On the other hand, Pablo Tromben said "will nħaddem our strategy brought the greatest amount of & # 39; background to show our position. However, we believe that the most important thing is that the discussion focus the fact that it is a matter & # 39; free competition and non & # 39; money laundering, since the banks wanted to install Windows.

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