Tuesday , September 27 2022

Young man killed in Ñuñoa park: the combination was beginning & # 39; Cigarett


Subject & # 39; 31 years died in & # 39; mid-outbreak & # 39; people brought in & # 39; park in the municipality of & # 39; Ñuñoa to celebrate the end of the PSU, according call circulated on social networks.

According to records obtained from First Brigade of Investigation of Future Police Police (PDI), the murder was going to happen when the man tried to remove brawl happened in the park.

The event takes place as follows: group playing football in the park court, asked if they had another cigarette. Given the refusal of the second group, was starting to struggle.

During the brawl, a man from the second group took a common weapon and was contrary to the others involved several times. One of the attacks was injured & # 39; Martin Pucheu in the thoracic area, die in place, according to Radio Biobio.

In addition, there are five other people with serious injuries after the fight, one of which is located at & # 39; risk to life Hospital Salvador.

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