Wednesday , May 25 2022

Announced the poster's role "Wandering Earth" a & # 39; Liu Cixin The protagonist rescued all men – Movie – cnBeta.COM


Today, according to the original novel & # 39; Cixin Liu, scientific film & # 39; Guo Fan "The Wandering Earth" came the poster "Team & # 39; the Adventure". In the posters, the main characters such as Wu Jing, Qu Chuxiao, Guangjie Li and Wu Mengda all appeared on the scene. The people's faces were serious and serious. Their masks designed very stretched land, and the players have taken the risk to protect their homes.

The history & # 39; "Wandering Earth" tells the story of sun aging, dramatic changes in the Earth's climate, the need for humans moving underground, launching the "Wandering Zone" program, and the construction of & # 39; 10,000 planetary machine to remove the Earth from the sun.

"The Wandering Earth" will be released nationwide in the year 2019.

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