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Asian Speed! Sun Xingyu outburst & # 39; a thousand miles to go alone the defense line & # 39; Pingyi army blue line & # 39; defense _


Original Title: Asian Speed! Xingyu Sun ran a thousand miles to drive one ride

Tottenham 3-1 Chelsea win, king percent Asian Sun Xingyu other again & # 39; showed his crazy speed, he rushed the ball on the right side of the frontcourt and delete the enemy's lair to send the ball into the net. As everyone knows, the Chinese star Wu Lei is known for his speed, but this crazy performance by Korean brother is obviously difficult for him to copy. B & # 39; this ball, Xingyu Sun finally earned purpose & # 39; 50 goal in career & # 39; Tottenham.

As one of the Premier League teams BIG6, Tottenham has assembled a number of & # 39; & # 39 players; ace, including master & # 39; England Harry Kane, key midfielder & # 39; England Harry and other stars. However, even so, Sun Xingyu not willing to act as a role of & # 39; support. F & # 39; this game, just after Ali and Harry Kane failed, Asian King also target wonderful.

The target process & # 39; Sun Xingqi is a classic. M & # 39; there is no exaggeration to say that this goal is even a masterpiece & # 39; Korean career. At the time, the game went to 54 minutes, Tottenham 2-0 lead temporarily to Chelsea.from

Ali made a counterattack from the backcourt. After Sun Xingyu took the ball in the middle, he ran on the right side of the frontcourt. Although it was working with the ball, the Koreans managed to get rid of Jožinho and then suffered back. Opened defense of & # 39; David Louis, and finally handed & # 39; inside quickly, and came in front of a small restricted area and driven left.

The purpose of & # 39; Sun Xingyu made the stunned fans. The fans rose the scene and were applauded, and Sky Sports commentator who was responsible for explaining the game was "unexpected". Not only that, but even the players & # 39; Chelsea were shocked and sluggish. Indeed, before this giant & # 39; Chelsea, Sun Xingyu goal scored such a wonderful, had admired!

In fact, the campaign & # 39; Sun Xingqi could have started earlier, but the visitors' performance was too good. Its purpose was late by 54 minutes. On 10 minutes, picked Eriksson left the team frontcourt penalties. Sun Xingyu insert right foot and reached a little more. After 31 minutes, the left leg & # 39; Sun Xingyu dropped at the edge of the restricted party. Before the end of the midfield, Sun Xing took a shot from Eriksson and pass. Copa again & # 39; drop & # 39; in land and saved the ball.

Of & # 39; worth mentioning that the campaign & # 39; Sun was Xingqi ride & # 39; one mile, and is also the first goal of the tournament won this season, and is also the 50 scored by Tottenham gol f & # 39; various events.from

The data show that since joining the White Hart Lane Army in 2015, Sun Xingyu had 154 games in & # 39; name Tottenham f & # 39; many competitions, and scored 50 games total, including 107 games in the league and scored 31 goals.

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