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Champions League: Bayern 5: 1 victory over Benfica Lewan Luoben scored two goals – Sports News



Original title: Champions League: Bayern win & # 39; 5: 1 on Benfica scored two goals Levanroben

Data Map: Robben is in the game.

In the fifth round of the UEFA Champions League in 2018-19 season E, Bayern Munich took the victory & # 39; 5: 1 on Benfica at the Allianz Arena and won the qualifying qualification advance. Lewandowski and Robben scored twice, and also Ribéry scored goal.

On 13 minutes, Robben and Muller continued to cooperate with & # 39; other. The ball near the side side broke the double team & # 39; three people and set in the restricted zone.

Robben scored twice in 30 minutes, most elimination & # 39; Neuer on the right, Muller on the right on the right, Lewan wanted back to Muller, the right side of the right hand side a & # 39; Muller, Robben broke into Top 12 meters, the left foot is pumped into the corner & # 39; below right.

Bayern returned to the 36 minutes, and secondary & # 39; Robben on both the penalty area was sloping. Muller nodded before the ball was taken from the tips & # 39; Vladimir Moss. 9 meters in front of the goal, heading struck the side of & # 39; inside of the post & # 39; aim left and the score was & # 39; 3: 0.

In the second half, Gerdson-Fernandez replaces charges and immediately scored points for Benfica. In the right rib, is cooperating with & # 39; Jonas to play the wall, and broke in the right side of the restricted area and the net mbuttatha 10m & # 39; away from the door.

Bayern again & # 39; & # 39 began advantage; 3-ball after 51 minutes. Kimihi has a corner on the left and Levan scored right corner to 4 meters in front of the goal. Bayern extended results in 76 minutes, Ribéry left the road to the restricted area, the Alabama line went back and was missed by Muller, and pushed Ribéry corner & # 39; 12 meters away before the door, 5: 1.

B & # 39; this campaign, the Bayern accumulated 13 points before the line, for 11 consecutive spot in the Champions League.

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