Wednesday , December 8 2021

Chen responded by Qiaoen & # 39; small meat xukkari: can & # 39; to be their mother – worry-free data


Chen Qiaoen answered and clarified the anecdote b & # 39; small fresh in program: "This anecdote is false, manufactured, and completely meaningless." At the same time, I said that when I saw the news, I like a lot. I am a small fresh meat mom. Previously, Chen was rumored Qiaoen was rumored at small fresh meat has been passed and cooperated.

It is reported that in 2017, Zhuo Wei insignia was suspected that the anecdote of & # 39; W Chen Qiaoen and small meat in question and answer & # 39; Weibo and said "(the invoked sister East) has unrestricted style. Go to the room to read the script at night. But m & # 39; there is no evidence." The remarks led to many native to discuss. Immediately after the study & # 39; Qiaoen Chen issued a statement, the remarks & # 39; Zhuo Wei already led to much public speculation about Chen Qiaoen once played the role of & # 39; "invoked in the East" in & # 39; Jin Yong & # 39; s "Swordsmanship", said m & # 39; there is absolutely no connection between Chen Qiaoen and related news. The remarks were allegedly violated difamati and reputation & # 39; others.

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