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The News Agency & # 39; Xinhua, Canberra, 7 & # 39; January Comments: Three pointer suffocating, the national football team

Agency reported the News & # 39; Xinhua Yue Dongxing

That's true, it is only the first game of the group stage, but when faced with the Kyrgyzstan team with 15 degrees in the lower world, the football team of the Chinese men almost faced the danger killed in the first half. Fortunately, the coach Lippi adjust tactics at the time, and the team slowly recovered state, and explain some lucky, but also exposed the problem & # 39; "opening the door."

In the first half of the sluggish performance of the national team, in addition to "slow fever" the beginning of a great game, the team also showed style "three-guard + two-wing" was not suitable for the starting lineup. The combination of guards three directions Feng Wei, Zhang Ke Shi Linyi and did not sufficiently demonstrate compliance with the tacit understanding of space and distance. The three people were often concentrated in the middle of the restricted zone; while the two wings Chengdong Zhang and Liu Yang also recovered often the protection street, The sidewalk has become the "hardest hit" of & # 39; the main attack & # 39; the opponent was almost blasted.

The Cup & # 39; Asia "New Army" was running in the target breaking under continued dominant attack, exposure to this problem. F & # 39; then, all five Chinese guards were "storage" in the restricted zone. Both sidewalks were empty, and the party & # 39; on & # 39; in front of a restricted zone was also empty. This made the unmarked Islaylov have a chance to calm down. The ball hit the goal target.

Were it not for the shooting of the Kyrgyzstan team, the absolute chance of both Luke alone was almost enough to give to the Chinese team "open door." This is the worst start for the national football team that can & # 39; imagine and can & # 39; affect the team returns. The opportunity to Lukes won was the lack of & # 39; tacit understanding of the entire defensive system of the national football team and the exposure of the three central defenders to each other. Therefore, the technical and tactical performance of the national football team in the first half failed.

Fortunately, team & # 39; veterans like this, although their physical strength and impact are concerned by the world & # 39; out, but not soffokati of pressure, but with & # 39; numerous enough cohesion and work hard to return to Lippi to 433. formation Execution of the game finally completed, and finally recovered tacit understanding been lost in the last 45 minutes.

After Feng Wei and Zhang Linyi joined to the central defender, Liu Yang and Zhang Chengdong maintained two wings, the position and responsibility under the & # 39 system defense & # 39; four & # 39; people became clearer, and the performance was that the defense in the middle ground was no longer effective. Both sidewalks were also attacked and defended. After the defense line was able to operate with & # 39; normal mode, Wu Hao, who entered the state earlier by his colleagues, and Hao Junmin, who came from the bank, and Chi ZHONGGUO also obtained the base in the middle of the field, and allowed to resume Chinese team & # 39; obtains control the pace of the game. "Mixture" of support and Yulin, Lei Wu and Yu Dabao on the line & # 39; before.

Although this state still & # 39; away from the "level & # 39; 100%" of the national soccer team in 12 World Championship in Russia, but given the difficulty the beginning of the competition and team personnel group is indeed a short board & # 39; "aging", can & # 39; it obtains three points difficult to find still want to affirm the hard work of the players.

After all, the weak historical history of training young people to do the Feng Wei & # 39; 33 years and to Yu Lin and other veterans are still the only Chinese active national football players who scored Championship Youth of the World. They have been in the last decade. It is the backbone of the national team. I hope that under their leadership, Wu Lei, which is in the golden age of his career, can & # 39; find the feeling of & # 39; home as soon as & # 39; is and begin the task & # 39; scored. The youngest player, the youngest player in the starting line, Liu Yang (23 years) can & # 39; also continues to experience the valuable competition. Growing.

After a good start, the national football team still has fights. After all, "attitude determines everything."

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