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"Curling Goddess" Bingyu Wang retired and once led to the Chinese team to win the world championship – News – Global IC Trade Starts Here –


2018-11-22 16:56:37 Source: News 澎湃

Bingyu Wang announced his retirement.

Original title: the captain of the Chinese women curling team Bingyu Wang retired, thank you for the gold medal World Championship

Another snowman ice and told us to say goodbye.

In the afternoon of 22, the team captain of the Chinese women's curling and the World Championship tournament Wang Bingyu announced their withdrawal on social media.

"Irons, 18 years, from nothing to the world championship, once thought about playing for all life, do you stay in the game in 2022, imagine his competition scene & # 39; 40 years , the old group still can & # 39; & # 39 meeting, with the current group & # 39; lead over the competition. "

"Thank you all the way to your company, I am so lucky. F & # 39; another position, I still imħabbakom, ready still tiġġieledek at the last moment. Thank you, thank you all who love curling and support of curling. "

Wang Bingyu in Winter Olympics & # 39; Sochi.

She saw the birth of & # 39; Chinese curling

Bingyu Wang was born on the family & # 39; the ice sports. She was exposed to a rib b & # 39; combination at the beginning of the third day. Since then, has beat the irons for more than a decade.

And it also saw the process & # 39; Chinese curling from the beginning.

It was only in 1995 that China introduced curling from neighboring Japan. When Wang Bingyu been trained for the first time, because there was no place & # 39; fixed training, even the basic field, the throw line & # 39; a & # 39; front and T-line had to pull their own paintings.

It remember b & # 39; clearly that after the national team training in 2003, she and her teammate went to Canada for training. When playing against an old local amateur team, were beaten by opponents.

"That scene is really terrible. Some from our youth were beaten by old white man."

This type of & # 39; always picture is in & # 39; mind, and Wang Bingyu and support to its members to train properly for ten hours a day in Canada.

The retirement report & # 39; Wang Bingyu.

The hard work pay and advancement to be soon. In 2004, won second place in the Pan Pacific Championship and won the qualification for the next World Championship. The first place of the World Championships.

At the 2009 World Championships, the national team & # 39; six years in & # 39; Pangneung, Korea t & # 39; South, finally reached the top of the league.

Bingyu Wang, who became the master, and għajru girls on camera: "China! No.1! We've completed!"

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